Jack’s Work

Jack Shergold – Lead Artist/Character Designer


Hi guys just adding the first load of characters going to be added to the game, these wont be subject to change as they are already in the game engine ready to be edited by Toby (Our programmer)

The first one here is  a Character who is a Teacher nicknamed “Andy” More coming soon…

Andy 2 (Talking).png

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Hi guys, adding more characters to the blog to keep you guys informed. See you guys with more soon…

Dave .png

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Hi guys back at it again with the characters, there will be assets coming soon but the characters are priority right now 🙂

Main character (standing) (2).png

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Hi guys this is the walking version of the character from the previous post. See yall’s later! 😀

Main character (Walking).png

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Hi guys! I’ve got something a little different today finally some assets! More characters will come back but the need for assets have become greater than characters as of right now. See you all soon!


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