Kevin’s Game Work

Pause Menu Visuals

Why do we need a pause menu? Well, honestly we don’t need a pause menu, however we as a group have decided that a pause menu would be a good idea to include in the game to show the objectives the player has to complete.
I have been asked by the lead artist to design and create the background image that I will be using. The pause menu is also a slight barrier of the immersion of the player so it is important that it would make sense for the background to be there, as for some people if the immersion breaks too much the game is no longer fun

The section of the game that I am working on currently is a pause/ objective menu so the player knows what to do to progress. It will eventually contain a list of objectives that will appear as the character collects them, then disappear when completed.

The menus should eventually be, Active quest, Completed quests, Collected Components and, Options.

This image is what the basic background will be for the menu, the different menus will be on different pages.


This full image is what the menu will be:

pages (2)

the player should be able to switch between the different menu pages like various pieces of paper.

This is the image in Unreal Engine with various text boxes indicating the tasks that need completing on it.


The blue box is one of two buttons that are being used to cycle back and forth through the different menus.

Pause Menu Blueprints

As the program that the game is being built on is Unreal Engine 4 there is no traditional lines of code, it is all done through a process called blueprinting which uses a type of C++ language to compile itself.

This is the complete blueprint for the menu:
There are four main parts of the blueprint the red ‘onclick’ command which will send a signal once the corresponding button is clicked. The signal is then sent to a branch node that i have set up to an integer = integer to check which menu screen is currently active, this will return a true value to the branch which will then set the menu value to the next menu.When this is done the signal is then sent to a set visible node which will turn all the items for the previous menu to hidden and set all the relevant items to visible so that they can be viewed.


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