Final Update & Alpha/Beta Testing results

This sadly is the final update of the game, everything must come to a close and deadlines are deadlines and we must keep to them. Throughout the development of the game i enjoyed making the art assets and at times some of the code when the engine wasn’t crashing on us.
I’ve enjoyed making the art and i also enjoyed trying to code and make music in the game, ti made my feel useful which i feel is a good feeling to be in a group. What i could have done better is made more assets and helped Eleni with the background design but alas the deadline drew near and finally couldn’t do much more.

In the alpha testing we had these results this was based off the game overworld…

In the Beta testing we had these results, this was based off the shooter mini-game…Capture

After these tests we listened to the results and changed the game accordingly…

Overall i am not really happy with the end product but given more time i feel like the game could have been really impressive and something to be proud of, i am happy and proud of the group for what we did in the amount of development time we had to do it in plus other activities like game jam and assignments. Thank you for reading this blog of mien and i suggest to look at my co-developers for more in depth information like Coding and sound in the game, this is Jack, signing off for the last time of this project.



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