Lead Artist Update 8 – Picking up the slack

Hi guys, Jack is back in black with some fat stacks of content! unfortunately the co-artist we have on our team is not doing the all the jobs given to her due to personal reasons so i have to pick up the slack caused and started doing background art for the game, this had to be rushed unfortunately especially with the deadline coming up in the next few days for the game. None the less it is still art and i still enjoyed doing it.

Here is the first background, the reception, this was a background, like the rest in this post, that needed to be done and thankful i was able to pick this up within a day or so. The reason this had to be redone was because the reception background done by the co-artist Eleni was scaled to the wrong resolution.


Here is the second background for the game, the Atrium, complete with a see-through window of the library, this is two images because we have the background which the character will be walking on and a foreground which will be in front of the character to give a sense of depth.

Atrium library

Atrium Foreground

Forgive the blurriness i had to stretch the images so you would be able to see them.

This was all that needed to be added left to the game so it wasn’t a lot to pick up but the point of my frustration was that it wasn’t a lot of work to do yet i still had to do it.


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