Lead Artist Update 7 – Mini-game asset

Hi guys, Jack is back in black with some fat stacks of content! today we have some mini-game assets!

The mini-game is based off the very famous game “Space Invaders”, this is a mini-game that is to show off deleting viruses off a computer to show the player what it is like to join GlosCol’s internet security course. If you head on over to Nadine’s developers page on this blog you cans see what the viruses look like but i was in charge of animating the ship acting as the anti-virus software along with the projectiles it fires. I felt that the the ship had to fit the environment of being inside a computer hence why the anti-virus doesn’t look how you would traditionally assume a space ship to be.

Here is the spaceship idle…

Space ship idle

Here is the spaceship while it is firing in both flip-book format and in it’s animation…

Space ship firing Space ship firing

Here is the projectile itself in flip-book format and its animation, as you can see its biased off the Norton Anti-virus symbol.

Norton bullet      Norton bullet



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