Pre-Production Post

Hi guys this is my first blog, in this blog the game hasn’t been given to us yet so this is purely just about pre-production. The game is based off the college we are studying at and the main goal is to advertise the college IT department for new/potential students.

Negotiation paper

Here is the negotiation paper we gave to our client to outline what we wanted to achieve, as you can see we outlines the main mechanic of the game which was based off an RPG style quest system with unique characters, we based the quest system off each department of IT in the college, all with their own Unique quest to represent them.  during the negotiation meeting with the client we talked about each of the individuals roles in the development team and what softwares we would use.

Now that’s out of the way i can now say the good stuff, Since i was allocated the role of lead artist there will be more art coming in separate posts as i make them, see y’all soon! – Jack


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